Pass the Phở- A Craft Beer and Vietnamese Food Pairing


Guess who's stopping over at TAP this June?

Pho Stop and TAP has teamed up to pair craft beers with Vietnamese inspired cuisine. For one night only, come savour luscious dishes and succulent desserts with 2 special dishes specially created by Pho Stop for this special event.

Someone pass me the beer and Pho please!

Pairings are available for pre-purchase here at the earlybird price of $22. ($25+ at the door).

The pairings available are:

Gỏi cuốn Blaze

Modern Times (USA) | Blazing World | Hoppy Amber Ale | 6.8% x Summer Fresh Rolls with Prawns & Chicken

A flavoursome pairing of Chicken and prawn rolls dipped in tasty peanut sauce and paired with the refreshing amber ale for that wonderfully blazing and fresh sensation.

*Vegetarian option available

Honcho Gỏi Gà

Mother Earth Brewing Co | Honcho Hefe Bavarian Wheat | Wheat Ale | 5% x Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Think summer breeze as you enjoy this fresh vietnamese chicken salad paired with the banana and citrus notes of Honcho Hefe Bavarian Wheat Ale.

Jucundus Phở Gà

Mike Hess (USA) | Jucundus | Orange Honey Wheat Ale | 6% x Hanoi Chicken Pho

Savour the hearty broth of Pho Stop's classic Hanoi Chicken Pho with the honey and orange flavours of Jucundus wheat ale.

Xíu mại IPA

Deschutes Brewery (USA) | Fresh Squeezed IPA | Indian Pale Ale | 6.4% x Vietnamese Pork Meatballs with slices of fresh Baguette

A special dish created for this event! Experience an explosion of spices with Vietnamese pork meatballs served with slices of fresh baguette and washed down with TAP's bestselling's IPA.

8 Bò Kho

Lost Coast (USA) | 8-Ball Stout | Stout | 5.7% x Vietnamese Beef Stew with Rice

A special dish created for the event! Vietnamese stew with tender chunks of beef served with fragrant white rice complemented with the 8-ball stout for flavours that last and will leave you wanting more!


Kem Cà Phê Beer Float

Modern Times (USA) | Black House | Coffee Stout | 5.8% x Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

Pho stop's vietnamese coffee ice cream served in Black House coffee stout for an aromatic dessert with that extra kick!

Kem Dừa Beer Float

Hong Kong Beer Co. (HK) | Gambler's Gold | Golden Ale | 4.6% x Coconut Ice Cream

A tropical beer float blending the fruity flavours of Gambler Gold Golden Ale and Pho stop's coconut ice cream.

Desserts are available for pre-purchase here at the earlybird price of $10. ($12+ at the door).

Don't miss out on this exclusive one day event! Buy your pairings now to avoid disappointment!

Pass me the beer and Pho, please!

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Sat Jun 18, 2016
5:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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Gỏi cuốn Blaze SOLD OUT $22.00
Honcho Gỏi Gà SOLD OUT $22.00
Jucundus Pho Ga SOLD OUT $22.00
Xíu mại IPA SOLD OUT $22.00
8 Bò Kho SOLD OUT $22.00
Kem Cà Phê Beer Float SOLD OUT $10.00
Kem Dừa Beer Float SOLD OUT $10.00
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TAP-Capitol Piazza, 15 Stamford Road, 01-K1/K2 | Galleria Singapore